Heather Rene Smith Has It All

What do we look for in a girl? Well, start with a free spirit. After that, beauty, brains and a certain athleticism rank high on the list. Mix all that up in one girl and you’ve got a winner. Take Heather Rene Smith, for example, our delicious Miss February 2007.

We don’t need to tell you she’s radiant and beautiful—her pictures do the talking. As for brains, the California native has studied toward degrees in forensic psychology and criminology, and she dreams of outsmarting crooks by living out CSI episodes in real life. “I like thinking about what makes people tick and why they act the way they do,” she says.

As for athletic prowess, suffice it to say that Heather used to be a competitive gymnast; flips and upside-down splits are all in a day’s fun. She explains, “I started when I was three because I had a lot of energy.” (Note: Add that to the list—free spirit, beauty, brains, athletic prowess, lots of energy.) “By the time I was 14, I was in high-level competitions. Gymnastics taught me how to react when put on the spot.” Judges? A perfect 10!

You’ll agree with that assessment when you see these SFW pics of Heather Rene from the Cyber Club, where you’ll find her NSFW pics and videos from her original Playmate shoot plus her Playmate Xtra in 2009, when she returned for four weeks of all-new pics and vids.

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