Happy Australia Day from Miranda Kerr, Angela White, and Friends

Australia DayIf there’s one thing we’ve learned from writing this Girlwatcher feature (and that is a very big if), it’s that you fellas like the Sheilas. The ladies from down under. The Aussies. Australian girls Berenger Rose and Suzette Edwards are among the most popular babes we’ve ever posted. So to celebrate Australia Day (which is today, apparently) here’s a selection of more awesome Australians for ogling — the headliner is of course Miranda Kerr, who has done a photo shoot with the Aussie flag for Grazia magazine that is hitting the babe-blogs hard today. But don’t limit yourself to Miranda — there are plenty more Outback honeys worth your while. Sophie Turner, Camille Pollett, and Amanda Hinchcliffe are all Australian for babe.

And then there’s porn star Angela White, who is very good at wearing her Australian flag bikini. (She’s good at other things, too, but we’ll leave that to your imagination.) Those are Angela’s bloomin’ onions up above.