Miranda Kerr Puts It In Terry Richardson’s Butt

Terry Richardson’s entire raison d’etre seems to be to make all poor saps angry at him. How else are we to take his completely goofy appearance and relentless mugging for the camera — it’s all an act that tells the world he’s totally not supposed to be where he is, and he knows it. A guy like this is not supposed to be photographing the world’s most beautiful women in the nude. Them nude — not him nude, he doesn’t do that. Not anymore, at least. Apparently not all his subjects wanted Lil’ Terry at the party. Although Lil’ Terry is not very little, and that we can confirm from a Google image search — oh, shit, just read it all at Jezebel. It’s probably not even true. Probably.

Terry’s back at it again; this time around he’s got some nude pictures of Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar and has simultaneously posted outtakes on his blog Terrysdiary.com. As usual, he has made this heart-stoppingly beautiful woman wear his weird glasses. Oh, and she also consented to do a video in which she gives him a B12 shot in the posterior.

Dude, we get it, Terry, with your weird mojo not only can you take pictures of Victoria’s Secret models with their clothes off, you can bend over and make them put vitamins in you, all punctuated with a sweet Thumbs-up.

Hate that guy. Want to be that guy. Hate that guy. Want to be that guy. Hate that guy…