Girl on Girl: Michelle Baker and Jessica Vaugn

Michelle Baker MainMichelle Baker is a TSJ favorite, and I’m happy to bring her around again for a round of Girl on Girl! We were curious to know what finally brought this lovey lingerie and swimsuit model to making the jump to pose for Playboy, what things she looks for in a man, and her favorite feature about herself, because, quite honestly, we love every inch of her!


Chicago, Illinois

Current city:

Between Tampa and Miami, Florida

We know you’ve been modeling for a few years, but, never went nude till now! What inspired you to pose for a Playboy?

My girlfriend is a swimwear designer from Estonia but lives here in Florida near me! Last year I wore her gorgeous bikinis in the British Virgin Islands on a travel tv show that I was on (Bikini Destinations). She later asked me if I would like to pose for a pictorial for Playboy in Estonia and I thought it was quite a compliment as Playboy features many of the most beautiful women in the world! We then went to Jamaica to do the photo shoot with John Neyrot who is not only a fantastic photographer but also a very talented body painter!

Where have we seen you before (Other than on TSJ in the past, of course!)

I’ve been in quite a lot of magazines all over the world. Esquire, FHM, Maxim, American Curves, and quite a few fitness magazines. I’ve also been in many swimwear and lingerie catalogs which is always really fun.

What are the traits you look for in a man to possibly date?

I’m very attracted to a man who knows how to treat a woman and the one thing that really gets me is when a man can make me laugh. I am a really fun and light hearted person so I love to laugh and smile. Life is short and those moments are precious. If a man has good manners and opens doors for me, and is fun and interesting, those are all good qualities.

What makes a man sexy to you?

I think confidence, a nice smile, and a good mind. Also, being in good shape, healthy and athletic is always a plus! And of course a great sense of humor!

In regards to your modeling career, what is coming up for you?

It is my job but I have been working on acting lately as well. I actually just worked on my first movie set this week!! I live near Miami, Florida and there are all kinds of feature films and tv series being filmed here right now.

What is something cool about yourself that we might not know?

I was a student pilot and I can successfully take off and land a plane!

What is your favorite physical trait about yourself?

I get the most compliments on my smile!

What is a small bit of sex advice you can let us know?

I practice yoga so that keeps me very flexible…try it!