Melanie Iglesias is New Red Carpet Superstar

Melanie Iglesias

With two events, Melanie Iglesias has seized the unofficial title of Most Watchable Celebrity on the red carpet.

Melanie Iglesias? What is that, Julio Iglesias’ daughter?

No, silly. Melanie Iglesias is a super-hot model who is known all over the internet as the girl who does the awesome flipbook videos. She is the epitome of internet famous. She’s teamed up, in a boyfriend-girlfriend sense, with a man who is the epitome of reality-TV famous, Vinny Guadagnino, a Jersey Shore cast member who will have a show on MTV called The Show With Vinny, starting May 2.

And this is where you come in — because Vinny Gammadido goes to events and gets his picture taken on the red carpet, that means Melanie Iglesias goes too, and the cool thing about her is she wears really nice dresses that show off her figure.

The flashbulbs are sort of going off for Vinny Barbarino, but it’s only natural that his girlfriend Melanie Iglesias is in the frame. And then once the photographers have taken enough Vinny Juanelnino they are free to turn to what’s really getting everyone’s attention at the event — specifically the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday and a GLAAD event a month prior — which is Vinny Badabingo’s girlfriend.

And people are still like, Who is Vinny Gambarino’s girlfriend?

It’s Melanie Iglesias. Melanie Iglesias is Vinny Gappadingo’s girlfriend.

Below, we’ve got the red carpet pictures you’ve heard so much about, plus a video of Melanie doing her flipbook thing in a video for Tiesto.

The only thing left is to say a big thank you to Vinny Delroylindo for doing his part to keep Melanie in the public eye. Solid work, dude.

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