It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. Melanie Elyza Makes it Less Annoying

Melanie ElyzaArr, you know what day it be today, young Jim Hawkins? It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, it be.

‘Pon this day for no good reason, arr, some stupid fucking hipster or frustrated drama major, arr, decreed that September 19 would be, arr, International Talk Like a Pirate Day henceforth and forthwith. Arr.

(Actually this is the 10th annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day — here’s the official site. That’s quite an achievement. Doesn’t mean we don’t still find the concept completely annoying.)

We’re not going to go on any further about this wacky day, nor will we use any more Arrs. What does this day have to do with hot babes?

Well here’s Melanie Elyza, an extremely hot babe we just discovered today, dressing (but not talking, whew) like a pirate.

Seriously, who is this girl? We had never heard of her nor seen these hot pictures up until a few hours ago.

And she might go on to become one of Arr favorites.

That is perhaps the corniest joke ever cracked here on the Girlwatcher page. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.