Meet Miranda B, Snoop Dogg’s Topless Incompetent Weather Girl

Miranda B

As we said up top, we think you ought to meet a girl named Miranda B, whom we stumbled across the other day and feel is worth ogling. You want to get to know her the long way or the short way?

The long way goes like this: Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion (are we really supposed to call him that now?), does a YouTube show where he sits down with someone else in the biz and talks a bunch of yadda yadda. That is not important, as this is not a music page. But we were browsing the WestFestTV channel a couple of days ago and were drawn to the image of a topless girl doing a weather forecast:

Miranda B

Now this was the sort of thing we thought you might dig, whether you enjoy the hippity hop or not. Here’s the video, and if you want to skip ahead to what we’d call “the good part” — officially it’s “Stormy Fronts” — go to about 6:50:

Gotta say, we found Miranda B totally charming, and not just because she’s sporting a fantastic hair bra. She is also the worst weather person we’ve ever seen. She admits she knows nothing about the weather in Cincinnati and asks for a shot of tequila. All she knows about Cincinnati is that the Bengals suck, except she doesn’t really even know that.

And this is a lesson for the kids: If you’re going to fail at something, fail big. Don’t just kinda fail — fail like you mean it. Don’t settle for an F; try for an F-minus-minus.

That was the long version, here’s the short one: Miranda B is a model who’s danced in some hip hop videos (see list here) and tweets sexiness from @MirandaBLive. Enjoy these pictures we nicked from her Instagram:

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