Meet Beautiful Dutch Playmate Zimra Geurts

LOVELY ZIMRA GEURTS HAILS FROM HOLLAND, and she’s in the running to be the next Dutch Playboy Playmate of the year. TSJ and Zimra sat down and had a little heart-to-heart, email repartee-style.

The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from?

Zimra Geurts: I am originally from Holland (Utrecht).

TSJ: Where do you live these days?

ZG: I have been living in Toronto (Canada) for about 6 months now. Pretty much freezing my tits off out here, right now! Haha. I’m sure all the Playboy fans don’t want that to happen!

TSJ: How did you become a model?

ZG: I was approached by an agent in Cape-Town during a night out in town with friends when I was 15 years old–I lived there for two years. So I started doing a little teen modeling with that agency while I lived there, but never pursued it after we moved back to Holland.

TSJ: Did you always want to pose for Playboy?

ZG: Posing for Playboy had actually never even crossed my mind before I got asked by one of their photographers to do a test shoot for it. I never really thought of myself as pretty or sexy enough for Playboy… but my response was definitely ‘hell yes! ‘

TSJ: You’re in the running to be Holland’s Playmate of the year. How has this experience been?

ZG: Yes, I am! It’s definitely very exciting!

TSJ: What other shoots have been highlights for you over the course of your career, so far?

ZG:  Nothing really as big as Playboy, and making Playmate has definitely been the highlight so far! But I enjoy and learn new things at every shoot I do. The shoot I did for the NOH8 Campaign [a campaign to promote social equality and draw attention to the amended California law allowing gay marriage, Proposition 8]  is one of my favorites because I loved being able to support a campaign I feel strongly about through a simple photo.

TSJ: What models do you admire?

ZG:  I definitely find all the Victoria’s Secret models breathtakingly beautiful! And I admire Doutzen Kroes for making it that far in the industry, coming all the way from tiny little Holland. Also all the mommy models out there for keeping their figures so hot! I take my hat off to them!

TSJ: What are your favorite attributes?

ZG: You mean looks-wise? I would say I like my eyes and my hair.

TSJ: What’s your ideal night out in Amsterdam?

ZG: A good club to go party at in Amsterdam is Escape. But for some strange reason, whenever I go out in Amsterdam, no matter where I start, I always end up in club Rain. As long as I’m with my favorite girlfriends, my night will be ideal.

TSJ: I’ve heard you can buy food out of a wall in Holland. What’s up with Dutch wall food? Explain!

ZG: Yes, this is very true! And really really smart! I don’t understand why the rest of the world isn’t doing it yet! It saves so much time. You don’t have to stand in a long queue and wait for your order to be prepared when you’re in a hurry and just want to grab something real quick. They put the food in little heated square sections in the wall with a see through window kinda thing and if you insert some coins you’ll be able to open the window and take out your food! I LOVE it!

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