Meet 32HH Internet Sensation Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver

In no time, and seemingly out of nowhere, zaftig Bavarian fraulein Jordan Carver has shot to the top of the heap of curvaceous internet models. It’s no mystery why—she’s pinup-pretty, full of spirit and proud of her 32HH Hindenbergs. As we learned, there’s more to the 24-year-old stunner than meets the eye—and what meets the eye is quite a lot to begin with.

YOU’RE FROM MUNICH IN BAVARIA, BUT YOU HAVE ITALIAN ROOTS. WHAT PARTS OF YOUR PERSONALITY ARE GERMAN, AND WHAT PARTS ARE ITALIAN? Well, that’s a great question. I think I have some of the typical German stereotypes like timeliness, tidiness and accuracy. But it’s a good mix with my Italian behavior—which is temperamental and all about amore.

WHAT MAKES GERMAN WOMEN SO BEAUTIFUL? Hmm, I don’t find German women to be beautiful and sexy. Most of them loon uncomfortable or unimpressive.

WHAT MAKES ITALIAN WOMEN SO BEAUTIFUL? Italian women look beautiful solely because of how they live their life.

Model Jordan CarverDO EUROPEANS GET AS EXCITED ABOUT REALLY BIG BOOBS AS AMERICANS DO? Absolutely not, especially in Germany. They are small-minded, so to speak.

WHO ARE THE MOST BOOB-CRAZY MEN ON THE PLANET? I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I must say: British men are boob-crazy! It was very amusing. You won’t believe what some guys will do just to take a second look at my boobs.

HOW DO YOU SAY “ENORMOUS BOOBS” IN GERMAN? Ha! Mostly the guys say moepse, titten and hupen but I don’t really like those words.

WHEN YOU GO OUT TO A CLUB OR BAR, WHAT SORT OF OUTFITS DO YOU WEAR? It’s not my style to go out like a nun. I always wear high heels and a sexy dress.

HAVE YOUR BREASTS EVER POPPED OUT IN PUBLIC? Actually, yes—it happens a lot when I’m shooting pictures. And if it happens when we’re shooting in a public place—well, here you go boys, enjoy!

IN BED, DO MEN PAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO YOUR BOOBS? Yes, they do. I can promise you I have many other charms.

IS THERE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD BETTER THAN BIG BOOBS? Yes, of course. But for me they’re the most important thing since I turned out to a big-boobed glamour and lingerie model. And I guess my fans agree.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN SO BUSTY? Until I was 14, I was a little chicken. Everyone laughed at me because of my flat chest. After summer vacation, when I turned 15, they laughed no more!

MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD: There are some cuties out there—Dwayne Johnson is hot, for example. But I’m really not sure if he is the most handsome out there.

SEXIEST PART OF A MAN’S BODY: The upper body. I especially like a hairy, muscular chest.


A MAN WILL TURN ME ON IF HE: Can match his clothing

A MAN WILL DISAPPOINT ME IF HE: Is rude or too shy

MY FAVORITE UNDERWEAR: Is from Bravissimo and not really sexy. It’s kind of a “grandma” bra, but it fits well.

MY SEXIEST UNDERWEAR: Is from Agent Provocateur

WHAT I LIKE IN A BRA: It must be strong enough to hold heavy boobs and push them up a bit.

WHAT I WEAR TO BED: Only a thong and sometimes a shirt

WHAT MEN LOVE ABOUT ME: Well, I guess my boobs, but it’s a shame to be reduced to that. There is so much more to discover if you’ll look behind the wall. And no, the “wall” is not my breasts.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU USED YOUR SEX APPEAL TO GET WHAT YOU WANT?: Last week—I was driving too fast in my car, a policeman stopped me…you know how it goes.

SECRET SEXUAL FANTASY: I’d love to have sex in a sinister castle. Beforehand we would drink old wine and talk in front of the fireplace to get in the mood.

SLUTTIEST ITEM OF CLOTHING I OWN: I have some black latex knee-length boots with golden trim. They are super porny, and I love them.

FAVORITE SWIMSUIT: I don’t have one—there are absolutely no swimsuits I like! I think I might have to create my own swimsuit collection.

EVER BEEN TO A NUDE BEACH?: Yes, of course. A friend and I were on a small Caribbean island with nobody around. After walking around we decided to get off our bikinis, and we laid there on the beach until sunset. It was awesome.


HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER WITH A WOMAN?: Yes, more than one. But it wasn’t anything special—these things just happen after a good night of partying.


MOST UNUSUAL PLACE I’VE HAD SEX: On a pedalboat. Afterward I was seasick.

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