Masuimi Max Is Still Sin

Masuimi Max
The last time we saw Masuimi Max around these parts she was all hot for you to check out her cosmetics — the I Am Sin line. Now she’s back and still hot — for you to check out I Am Sin, but also just plain hot. These pictures came to us with barely any explanation. Like an hors d’oeuvre on a silver platter.

“Would you care for some of my hotness?” And we’re like, Yes, please, and can you take the toothpick when we’re done?

Masuimi may be wearing her I Am Sin products in these pictures. In fact she probably is. Does that add to her complimentary, bite-sized hotness? Sure, we’ll say it probably does. The push-up bras, the bustiers, the stiletto heels, the thong underwear, and of course Masuimi’s sex-doll-come-to-life allure — these are all ingredients in Masuimi’s hotness hors d’oeuvres. Hotness pigs in a blanket. Hotness satay with peanut sauce. Hotness seared tuna with a dab of wasabi. In fact, that’s the I Am Sin makeup, probably — the dab of wasabi. Careful you don’t burn your lips, partygoer.