Girl on Girl: Maryann Murray and Jessica Vaugn


Maryann is a model I have adored for some time! We met a year ago on a shoot in Los Angeles and have been buds ever since. A 6-foot blonde bombshell showstopper, this Playboy Cyber Girl shows us once again that Texas really does do everything bigger!

Hometown/Where you live now:

I am from Houston, Texas, but now live in lovely Los Angeles, California.

What do you miss most about Texas life?

Parking, a larger selection of drive through Starbucks, Crawfish boils

What is your favorite part of living in LA?

The weather, duh. Also, I love the randomness and fun of working in the entertainment industry in a major market like Los Angeles.

What is your biggest modeling goal?

I have been modeling for a few years now and have been lucky to meet a lot of my goals and make new ones. I’d love to do something for Sports Illustrated one day.

I love your viral Justine Bieber video with Kirstina Colonna! How did you all come up with that and how fun was it to film? Did you guess that it would be as popular as it is? Share the link for us!

Thank you, it was as fun to film as it looks! A friend of ours, Andy Signore from Secret Sauce TV, sent us the script and we found it hilarious. We were so excited it aired on E! News, and now has almost 2 million views! I hope to do more parodies.

Your Cyber Girl of the Week pictures are just to die for! What did you think and feel after becoming a Playboy model?

Why, thank you! I honestly have always felt very excited about it. I would not have most of the opportunities I have now if I hadn’t posed.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Adrian Grenier, he has a great head of hair. I’m not sure we would ever get along romantically though, I’m definitely not a vegan.

You recently shot the LA Weekly cover with rapper The Game. How was that shoot and how was he as a person?

It was an interesting and fun shoot! I was painted gold from head to toe and it took a few days to come completely off, but the outcome was so worth it! The Game is very nice; a total gentleman and handsome!

What is something a guy might do or say on a date that will make you never see him again?

I hate when guys keep their cell phones out on dates. I’m selfish when I’m out on a date, and I expect to be the center of attention!

What happened on your Entourage episode?

I played a model auditioning for Ari Gold’s Talent agency. Entourage is a fun set to work on!

Where can we stalk you online?