The TSJ Interview: Marisa Miller

Like most men with a pulse, TSJ readers are understandably smitten by supermodel Marisa Miller. So much so that when we gave them the opportunity to submit questions for us to ask during our recent interview with her in Chicago, all were along the lines of “Marisa, I understand you’re married, but if it doesn’t work out for any reason, please call me!” and “Marisa, you’re my all time dreamiest dream girl. Can you please e-mail me and make my day?”

Valid questions? Sure, but not especially appropriate for a sexy celebrity in town for the exclusive premiere of “To Life, Love and Loot,” the new Captain Morgan commercial directed by Academy Award-winner Tom Hooper (watch it now on Captain Morgan’s YouTube channel and Facebook page). So we decided to come up with the interview questions ourselves―and we’re guessing that one Major League Baseball player will be very glad we did.

TSJ: We hear that you and the Captain have been joined at the hip lately.

Marisa Miller: We’ve spent the past few months raising half a million dollars for the Captain Morgan First Mate Fund, which promotes responsible drinking.

TSJ: So are you attracted to older men in uniform?

Marisa Miller: Well, being 375-ish, the Captain has had a lot of life experiences and legendary times, so he’s been very fun to hang around with. I also work a lot with the military, so I can attest to the fact that women find uniforms sexy.

TSJ: Tom Hooper won the Best Director Oscar for The King’s Speech, the story of a British monarch with a speech impediment. You must have lots of personal experience with men suddenly developing stuttering problems while in your presence.

Marisa Miller: Yes, I’ve seen that happen. Any woman can be intimidating, and I consider myself to be a down-to-earth person. Honestly, I get kind of shy in social situations myself. I think it’s fun to connect with fans, and I just started a Twitter account last weekend. So if guys are nervous about talking to me, they can just tweet me (@marisamiller)!

Buster Posey does his best Captain Morgan stance.

TSJ: One of the last times you were in Chicago, you threw out the first pitch before a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Did you spend a lot of time preparing for that special moment?

Marisa Miller: Not at all, because it was really last-minute. I was in heels, which is not the proper foot attire for a baseball field, so they said I could move closer to the plate. But I insisted on throwing from the mound, and I’m just happy that I threw a strike. People were making bets that I wouldn’t.

TSJ: The big baseball news around town recently revolved around a pre-game hug between Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols, fueling rumors that Pujols might be joining the Cubs next year. If you could hug any baseball player, who would it be?

Marisa Miller: I’m from northern California, so I’m a huge Giants fan. Buster Posey is who I would hug.

TSJ: Any particular reason?

Marisa Miller: Because he rocks.

Well, he definitely rocks now, that’s for sure. Thanks for the time, Marisa! And if you do end up single someday and Buster Posey is off the market…[TSJ holds thumb to ear, pinky to mouth and silently says "call us."]