Marisa Miller: Banned for Your Enjoyment

In case you missed it, here’s Marisa Miller’s “banned” Guitar Hero commercial. Although “banned” is probably not the right word—things like this are rarely actually banned. Sometimes a network will choose not to sell airtime for a particular ad, in other cases a company produces an ad it hopes will be “edgy,” but the client gets cold feet and elects not to run it. That is beside the point—what’s up with the blackout effects at the beginning? And then the picture seems to change from high resolution to old-timey TV resolution. Did somebody smuggle this footage out of soviet Russia? Was this commercial supposed to air during an episode of Max Headroom? Oooh, it’s all distorted, that must mean this is really some forbidden, stolen, banned, illicit stuff we’re seeing.

Psst: It’s not “banned” if they never intended to show it on TV in the first place. But here’s something we can all agree on—a woman playing the drums wearing a bra is awesome.

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