Some Things You Might Be Hot For on YouTube

Marina Orlova Hot for WordsWe got a bulletin of some sort just the other day suggesting we subscribe to a YouTube channel called “Hot for Food.” It’s a vaguely familiar-sounding username: Hot for Food. Have we met?

No, but Hot for Food is a variation on one of the most successful usernames in all YouTube history — Hot For Words. Hot For Words is Marina Orlova, a Russian babe who gives lessons in linguistics whole wearing tight outfits. Like this:

Here’s an older one with more of the traditional view of Professor Cleavage.

Those are just two examples — Marina’s YouTube channel has over 600 videos; a guy could get lost in there. Marina has added a couple girls to her team, one is the Pickup Chick, who just started a few days ago:

And Kimberly Cole does occasional segments called “Hot for Music” in which she analyzes pop songs:

If we’re going to call Marina Professor Cleavage (and we already did, so don’t even try to stop us), whatever would we call Tifa, hostess of Hot For Cooking?

Hmm, how about “Chef Boobs.” Simple and to the point — something tells us that Tifa, with her fondness for the “boi-yoi-yoing” sound effect and her “:)3″ signature, would embrace the title.

And that brings us back to Hot for Food, who goes by Melissa on her days off. She might be a tame girl-next-door type compared to imports Marina and Tifa, but most of the things she makes are fried and she talks about getting drunk a lot, so she’s a good girl in our book.

A final “Hot for…”: Hot for Liberty. It’s a channel all about voluntaryism and its opposition to both objectivism and socialism. It is not, really, very hot at all: