Marie Claude Bourbonnais Dropping H-Bombs Left and Right

Marie Claude Bourbonnais
Writin’ shit — it ain’t that hard.

Not when you get material like this. These are pictures of French Canadian cosplay model Marie Claude Bourbonnais standing in front of nasty, civilization-ending mushroom clouds. We’re not experts on mushroom clouds so we can’t say for certain just what kind of nukes these are, but for our purposes they have to be H-bombs.

When you have a girl who measures 34H-25-36 and she’s in a bikini and there is a mushroom cloud, the bombs must be H-bombs. Not A-bombs, B-bombs, C-bombs, or even Double-D-bombs. They are H-bombs. H-bombs all up in your face. H-bombs coming at you in 3D. H-bombs or bust, so to speak.

(Also she has really big boobs, did you notice that?)

Pictures are from (where else?) Marie Claude’s home on the web is

Happy end of the world!

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