It’s a Beautiful Life with Marie Blanchard

Marie Blanchard

Oh, bless the people of Haiti. Yes, for overcoming a natural disaster, but, more importantly, for bringing America this leggy lady, Marie Blanchard. She’s more commonly known as the “Haitian Beauty” plastered on various urban mens mags like Fever or Silk and featured as a former Miss Howard TV, but Marie’s been a U.S. resident since she was 12, now living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a hardcore Steelers fan. And as shown in this gallery, Marie likes to rock a bikini on a regular basis…or what little there is of it, anyway.

Check out Marie on her MySpace or on her website. Maybe if you leave enough comments here she’ll make you a special “Thank You” video, too?

Thanks go out to Barry Smith for the photos. Find him on twitter @barrysphoto or visit