Girl on Girl: Marianne Marie D’Vaz and Jessica Vaugn

marianne marie d'vazMarianne is just the girl who has been missing from your life, till now! This down to earth, natural beauty is sure to win you over with her inviting personality, and exotic look. Read on to check out her note to Hef, sex advice to you, and how to keep up with her online.

Measurements: 34D-25-34

Ethnic Background: Italian, Scottish, Portuguese, Indian

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

You were busy making movies in 2010! What are your plans for 2012?

Its been so much fun working and I absolutely love being being on set. The whole experience is like the most fun for me. For 2011/2012 I will have my website up with some really wicked and sexy features, as well as keeping at work on what I love to do, acting and modeling. I start filming a romantic comedy this August and September as well, so that will be out in 2012.

Which of your films/shows were the most rewarding to be a part of in the end?

I had such a great experience playing Tracy on the set of Lingerie 2, on HBO/Cinemax. I met so many great people and made a lot of great connections. It was really fulfilling to watch myself on TV. It was so exciting for me to watch, especially watching myself in the steamy love scenes ;)

What is an unfulfilled sexual fantasy?

Hmm, that’s a hard one! I’d have to say sex in an airplane! I haven’t joined the mile high club yet and I’d love to. There’s something so hot about having sex in a confined area, with people just a few feet away, and they probably know what’s going on and they’re getting off on it just as much as I am ;)

What did you do during your trip to LA this summer? How was visiting the US?

I went to LA to do a test shoot for Playboy with Josh Ryan. It was amazing and really great to meet him. He’s such an amazing photographer. Also went down there to experience the nightlife and had such a blast. Favorite club down there has to be Drais, it’s so massive! And its absolutely gorgeous, drank and danced the night away! I would totally go back there in an instant! If all goes as planned, I’ll be living in LA in a few years. Fingers crossed!!

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Eat! I’m starving in the morning, so as soon as my butt is out of bed, my head is in the fridge! I can’t function until I’ve had my breakfast.

You’re the perfect woman because…

I have a great sense of humor. I definitely do not take myself seriously, when people see me I’m always making silly jokes and laughing and just being a big kid. People that know me well, know that I’m a lot of fun and just a big goofball. If I make people laugh or even say that is one weird chick, I’m a happy girl.

You did Playboy Girls of Golf, how fun was that?!

Number one, its freaking Playboy! Any event they throw is going to rock, so it was a blast! And it’s such a good time getting to mingle with the golfers and work with the other girls to just make sure everyone has a great day. Plus there are Playmates there and they are always so sweet and beautiful!

What is your next modeling goal?

I really want to get myself into some more magazines, my main goal being Playboy! And some others as well. Just want to make a name for myself and give everyone a chance to get to know my sexy side!!

What types of guys are your type?

I love dark hair, tanned skin and a great smile on my guys, but really if he has a good sense of humor and likes to go out and have fun but also knows how to make me feel special to him, that’s all that matters to me.

What traits in a man’s personality will make you run away?

If he is selfish and not independent, I’m over him! And he can’t be too into his own looks, that’s a turnoff.

Do you sleep naked or clothed?

I like to sleep with just a thin t shirt on, no undies!

We are both shorties! What are your thoughts on being tiny?

I love it! Wouldn’t trade it in to be tall, I like being petite!

If a guy wanted to impress you, what would be something he’d say to you in the first conversation?

If he has a really cool job or hobby, something unusual, that would definitely get my attention and impress me. Especially if his job/hobby involves traveling to exotic locations!

If a man wanted to buy you a drink at the bar, what would you ask for?

A vodka soda with a squeeze of fresh lime, its my favorite drink and pretty much the only thing I like to drink at the bar. If he really wants to make me happy, he’ll throw a maraschino cherry in it. I love them!

If you could live anywhere, money is not a factor, where would you move yourself and all your friends and family who wanted to go?

Honestly, I would love to live in Italy. It’s such a beautiful place with so much culture, and oh my God, the food alone would keep me there! On second thought, maybe its better I don’t live there… I probably wouldn’t fit into my clothes after one week! Haha!

What is your sex advice for men?

Listen to what your girl is saying and don’t get offended if she tells you how she wants it. Sex is about feeling good and she wants to feel good just as bad as you do, so listen to her when she speaks up about how she likes things. Trust me, hit the right spots and and the both of you will never forget it!

Your ideal day for yourself is…

Waking up around 11am, having a nice breakfast, hitting the gym and then spending the rest of the day getting a massage and a nice manicure and pedicure. Then when the evening rolls around, get some takeout and curl up on the couch while watching a scary movie. Takeout would be sushi for sure and the movie, my all time favorite, Halloween.

If you could write Hef a letter that could only be the length of one Tweet, what would you say?

Hef, you are a true inspiration and I hope to meet you because you’ve made me proud of my sexuality and proud to be a woman!

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