“Man of Steel” Fan, Sara Brinsfield, Brings the Summer Blockbusters

Sara Brinsfield
With Man of Steel and World War Z in theaters now, and White House Down, The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine due out in the coming weeks, we’re solidly in summer-blockbuster, mindless-fun popcorn movie season.

You know who loves that? Sara Brinsfield. She loves it so much she has put on a Superman tee with teeny red panties to celebrate. This is a sequel to her salute to the Avengers last summer in a Thor T-shirt.

Great! Who’s Sara Brinsfield? Sara is a model who’s done more than a few car shows in her day but is most interesting to us ’cause of something photographer/babe Cherie Roberts said: “Sara Brinsfield is one of my longtime muses. I’ve shot her since I first started in my career, and photos I’ve taken of her have appeared on UGO, IGN, and in the Nerdcore calendar. She’s the perfect model: great expressions, amazing body, and she isn’t shy!”

Great! Where can we see more of this Sara Brinsfield? Well hustle your summer-lovin’ ass over to Cherie’s excellent site iheartgirls.com — here, we’ll link you straight to the Sara Brinsfield page so you can dive right into its welcoming waters. (If you need even more Sara, follow her on Twitter @sarabrinsfield.)

Speaking of diving in, we’re including a few pictures from a non-superhero-themed bikini pool session at the end of last summer. Because while Sara looks great in a t-shirt, she looks even better in something less… shirty.

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