Mallika Sherawat: Too Sexy for American TV and Indian New Year’s

Mallika SherawatAny reasonable forecast would have told you that Mallika Sherawat would be burning up the screen in Hollywood films (or perhaps on American TV shows) by now. She is, relatively speaking, a sorta-bad girl among real Bollywood actresses, and on top of that just extremely hot. Her forays into Hollywood haven’t been too fruitful — if you’ve seen either Hisss or The Politics of Love, collect your prize. So she ends up doing wacky stuff like appearing in a Bruno Mars video for FunnyOrDie.

Mallika has had a weird couple of weeks — news leaked that she had failed to get a part on the sitcom Mike & Molly, which doesn’t seem the greatest loss in the world to us. We don’t really think of Mike & Molly as a good venue for a sex symbol. And then she was hit with a summons to appear in an Indian court on obscenity charges stemming from a New Year’s Eve performance at a Marriott hotel. The complaint described her as dancing in a manner that was “ugly and dirty.”

Welcome to a new segment we like to call “Are these people smoking crack?”

Mallika Sherawat isn’t good enough to be on Mike & Molly? Are these people smoking crack?

Mallika Sherawat hauled into court because she danced too sexily on New Year’s Eve? Are these people smoking crack?

One person who is not (to our knowledge) smoking crack is Nick Saglimbeni, who photographs some of the sexiest women in the world, and who had the good sense to include her in his WMB (World’s Most Beautiful) magazine. Here you go:

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