A Farewell to Malene Espensen’s Nuts


A recent tweet caught our attention:

rosiejones1990: I’ve just done my first Big D trade show- left with a hell of a lots of nuts, crisps, pork scrachings, chocolate and sweets

We love Rosie Jones to death, but last time we checked (a while ago) the famed “Big D Nuts Girl” was Danish bra-buster Malene Espensen. Rosie confirms for us that she is the new Big D Nuts Girl, and Malene Espensen, who was chosen for the job in 2006, has moved on.

The Big D Nuts Girl is an institution in the UK, where she promotes the nuts with a bikini calendar, advertisements, and public appearances—all the while enduring countless puns about her huge bikini-clad nuts.

Ironically, D-sized nuts are small potatoes next to Malene’s, which are size FF.

Rosie tells us her 2011 Big D calendar should be finished this week—and available for purchase in the near future. But in the meantime, here’s a fond look back at Malene’s four years atop the nut-heap. (Images here are from the Trigon Snacks website and Maxim UK.)