Mai Nishida Cancels Class, Hits the Beach #WednesdayWasabi

Mai Nishida
Hey, do you guys mind if we just adopt Mai Nishida?

Not adopt in any sort of creepy daughter-like capacity, but just bring on board as a cultural ambassador from Japan. And by “cultural ambassador” we mean a bikini-stuffing, handbra-sporting, sideboob-baring H-cup see note hottie who’ll have you booking a flight to Japan before you can say thirsty gaijin.

We brought you Mai at the beginning of the months because “Mai” kind of resembles “May”, and brought her back again with pictures of her sexy San Francisco trip. Here, to celebrate the imminent end of the school year we have Mai playing the sexy teacher, stripping to a bikini, and then [flash forward] hitting the beach in a couple different bikinis. It’s fun.

Welcome to the TSJ family, Mai, it’s nice to have you on the team. 

NOTE: Bra sizes as we know vary from country to country, and figuring out the true U.S. number-and-letter measurement of a Japanese model is very difficult. Mai is said to be 90cm and an H cup. Using the trusty bra size converter we find that a Japanese 90H would convert to a 40F, and ain’t no way Mai Nishida, at 5’2″ is a 40F. As Boobpedia explains, the 90 cm is probably the maximum circumference of Mai’s chest, rather than the band size (circumference of body just south of the boobs). That 90 cm measurement is published simply because it’s a bigger number than her band size — which we don’t know — and guys like big numbers.

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