Mai Nishida — Let May Be Nishida-riffic #WednesdayWasabi

Mai NishidaSee that hashtag up there, that silly hashtag that is kind of irrelevant since this is not Twitter?

It’s #WednesdayWasabi, which we are using again for the first time in a long time. Some of you whippersnappers might not even have been born the last time we used it. It was November 7, 2012 to be exact — that’s a long time ago.

NOTE: Do not take that “weren’t even born” comment to mean we condone the use of this website by four-month-old babies. And if four-month-old babies are using this site, we have to fault the parents. Come on, moms and dads, do your job! Too much potty talk and sexual innuendo on here for a four-month-old. Although there is probably a healthy amount of boobs. Four-month-olds love boobs.

Come to think of it, four-month-olds would probaby dig Mai Nishida.

We were saying, #WednesdayWasabi, your source for hot babes from Japan who look great in bikinis and might not always have super-straight teeth. We silly westerners, with our obsession with having perfect teeth. A lot of people in this world are just happy to have teeth, and don’t give it much more thought than that.

The month of May made us think of Mai Nishida, one of many smokin’ hot Japanese girls we know zero about but have sitting on the shelf for just such an occasion. Here she is.

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