Lyla Ashby Preparing for the Big Drop

Lyla Ashby

We would not throw, push or dump a beautiful woman out of a plane. We’ve heard that some people think this is ok to do, but we’re against it. Call us old-fashioned.

Now if a woman jumps out of a plane of her own accord — who are we to stop her? Maybe she’s a born daredevil. Maybe she’s got a screw loose. Maybe she’s a paratrooper and it’s her job. Whatever, she may have a damn good reason for flinging herself into the lower stratosphere.

UK-based topless model Lyla Ashby does. Previously seen here as a calendar girl, Lyla is now applying her talents to falling great distances in the name of the UK military charity Help For Heroes. So sponsor her with a few quid and the odd tuppence if you like — she’s nearly one-third of the way to her goal.

For more, here’s the site: Lyla Ashby’s Sky Dive.

Of course we’re not here just to tell you to give your money to a cause and then leave you hanging. Of course we have incredibly hot new pictures of Lyla. These were shot by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora — find them at and @fabyandcarlo

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