Luisana Lopilato Bids Farewell to Another Gay Yuletide

Luisana LopilatoWe’re done with Christmas, which is a relief — no more Michael Bublé. Not for another 11 months, anyway, which is fine with us. He’s probably not a bad guy, and somebody has to record chart-topping Christmas albums, but we’ll be happy to take a break from Bublé and his festive crooning. And his unfairly attractive wife, Argentine model and actress Luisana Lopilato.

Whoa, what? Yes, Bublé and Luli are married, which is a bitter pill to swallow. Being stateside, we didn’t really know anything about Luisana until we saw her in a campaign for Ultimo lingerie, but by then it was too late. They’ve been man and wife since 2011.

It’s not really cool to begrudge some other sap his gorgeous wife — hey, jealousy. And getting on Michael Bublé’s case because his music isn’t cool is also just a little too easy and not very classy. We’re all about the class here. If anything we should salute the man for a game well played.

Yet when we raise our hand to salute him, it balls up into a fist, a fist we shake at the sky while uttering in a roar from the black depths of our soul:


Feel better? Yes, a little. Enjoy, again, Michael Bublé’s wife.

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