Lucy Pinder Is the Best! Also, the Sky Is Blue #thursdaytotty

Lucy Pinder
Some very important lists came out this week, in the issues of Nuts and Zoo dated April 26 (tomorrow).

Zoo is all over the “Hot 101 2013″, while Nuts is touting “World’s Best Boobs 2013.” As we said, very important.

Zoo‘s list, which is far more international, finishes up with:

10. Jennifer Lawrence — got her
9. Melissa Debling — got her
8. Jessica Kingham — got her
7. Rihanna — got her
6. Mila Kunis — got her
5. Kelly Brook — got her
4. Alice Goodwin — got her
3. Leah Francis — got her
2. Kate Upton — got her
1. Michelle Keegan — got her

Meanwhile the Nuts list is fairly committed to the idea that the vast majority of great boobs are British, with a few Welsh ladies in on it too.

10. Sarah Randall
9. Holly Peers — got her
8. Danica Thrall — got her
7. Rosie Jones — got her
6. Joey Fisher
5. Jessica Davies
4. Danielle Sharp — got her
3. Emma Glover — got her
2. Stacey Poole
1. Lucy Pinder — oh, do we ever got Lucy Pinder.

It’s interesting that there is not a single overlap between top-tens of the Hot 101 and the World’s Best Boobs. (Although this has something to do with contracts — topless models in the UK tend to be either Nuts girls or Zoo girls, but not both.) And it’s also interesting that the first three overlaps are Kelly Brook (Nuts #12), Sammy Braddy (Nuts #11, Zoo #18), and then — can this be correct? — Francoise Boufhal (Zoo #22, Nuts #19), who has been all but retired for a couple of years. That’s a blast from the past — we had Francoise, who is super hot, when Girlwatcher was on, which was the freakin’ Dark Ages. It’s also interesting that four of the top 10 on the boob list have yet to make their Smoking Jacket debut, although this may have to do with the fact that they are so new that very few pictures of them exist.

Enough of this “it’s interesting…” shit. What are we, the Society for Comparing Lists to Other Lists?

At the very least we have confirmed some things we already knew, most important being that Lucy Pinder is really and truly one of the great topless beauties in the world. And so:

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