Lucy Pinder 2.0: Creative Director, Werewolf, Stripper

Lucy PinderIt would seem that Lucy Pinder, one of the great Page-3/lad-mag models of our time, has evolved. She isn’t “just” a model anymore; in fact she has at least two new jobs. One is she’s an actress, with her debut movie coming out tonight in the UK. It’s called Strippers vs. Werewolves; here’s the trailer:

And here’s Lucy in a couple of stills from the film, looking fairly werewolf-y, but in truth not un-stripper-y. Could it be that some of the strippers turn into werewolves, and then the other, non-werewolf strippers have to fight them? Well, we guess we’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.

Lucy Pinder werewolf

Lucy Pinder werewolf

For more information on this film, visit its Facebook page.

Lucy’s other new(ish) job? This is kind of cool — go to, which is the UK’s leading glamour model agency, responsible for the majority of the boobs you might see in the tabloids or lad magazines. What do you see at the bottom of the page? “Lucy Pinder, Creative Director.” So congrats on that, LP.

To celebrate, here are some pictures Lucy took for the Euro Lottery and a few we pilfered from