Lucy Pinder and the Hot Shots Calendar Girls Behind the Scenes #thursdaytotty

Lucy Pinder Hot Shots
The Hot Shots Calendar will return in 2014 — this is good news. Hot Shots raises money for injured military personnel (the dough goes to Help for Heroes) but it’s not so much the raising of the money that has us interested as the way that money is raised.

They round up a gaggle of the UK’s top topless models, outfit them in costumes and hand them big guns, and let them play soldier for a few days. This year’s roster is the most impressive yet: Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Rosie Jones, Rhian Sugden, Danni Wells, Daisy Watts, Kelly Hall, and Sophie Howard. The theme is James Bond (as evidenced by the jumpsuited Lucy Pinder with Blofeld-style cat), but it seems there is plenty of heavy weaponry as well. For now all we’ve got is behind-the-scenes pictures and videos and a sneak peek at the cover. Just how James-Bondy or GI-Joey the final product is will become clear at a later date. Like October 1, when the thing ships to grateful buyers.