Lovely Lady Links: Emo Girls, Kim Cloutier, Daniela Freitas and More

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we bring you the 10 sexiest girl galleries from around the internet. These are your lovely lady links for January 20, 2011 (click the pics to see the rest of the gallery).

1. 100 Sad and Sexy Emo Girls (CoedMagazine)

emo girls

2. Sexy Natalie Suliman (HolyTaco)


3. Tessie Tarrentino In the Tub (DJMick)


4. Cintia Dicker is a Vision in Red (Gunaxin)


5. Daniela Freitas Is a Real Crowd Pleaser (Guyism)


6. British Glamour Model Jessica Jane Clement (Brobible)

jane clement

7. Kim Cloutier in Lingerie (Uncoached)

kim cloutier

8. Working Out with Annette Melton (MaximUK)

annette melton

9. Photo Shoot with Kelly Brannigan (Sub5Zero)

kelly brannigan

10. The Sexy Holly Lynn (BullzEye)

holly lynn