Thursday Totty: Louise Cliffe Joins ‘Big Brother,’ Meets Pamela Anderson

Louise CliffeIn a previous life, the beautiful Louise Cliffe had her baps out every other day. Baps, baps, baps. You’d open a magazine like Maxim, Front or Loaded, and pow! Louise Cliffe’s baps. Out. If it wasn’t Louise’s baps out then it was someone else’s, like Keeley Hazell’s or Sophie Howard‘s.

Then some three years ago Louise put the baps away and began concentrating more on acting and singing. Bye bye, baps.

Ah well, there’s a saying in British showbiz: “You can’t go on getting your baps out forever.” Or there should be.

Louise surfaced last week on the British series Big Brother, which in the UK is far more popular than its counterpart is in America. Hooray for that! Pamela Anderson is on it for some reason, and she has dubbed Louise “Wonder Woman.” Here they are in a sauna.

Raise your hand if you’d like to see Louise in star-spangled hot pants and an eagle-emblazoned bustier. I would like to see that. But I have to admit I’m with Pamela Anderson on another point here: Can’t understand a bloody word she’s saying. Well, I understand some words. Like in this clip, she mentions how a guy suggested she take speech lessons. Her response (in case it’s not clear): “I think he can fuck off, I’m not getting them.”

Fine then, stay the exotic flower of Manchester you are. I’m not saying it’s not sexy. ‘Cos it is. Here she is jogging:

And here are pictures. (Incidentally, the main image in the story is courtesy