King’s Web Girls — and Liza Silvia Massa, the Pair That Got Away

Voting is open for King magazine’s Web Girl of the Year — the good fellows have narrowed it down to three impressive urban vixens: Nikki B., Yaris Sanchez and Sheneka Adams.

They’re good picks, we can’t say they’re not. We’ve always been Sheneka Adams fans (see our post on Sheneka from August). Here they are, study them well:

Nikki B. (here she is on Twitter)
Nikki B.

Sheneka Adams (here she is on Twitter)
Sheneka Adams

Yaris Sanchez (here she is on Twitter)
Yaris Sanchez
But if we’re talking Web-ness… Nikki B. has done XXL magazine. Yaris Sanchez was on the cover of Smooth Girls. And Sheneka was in Smooth almost a year ago. King guys — you missed one. She’s the #1 true Web girl going right now. All she does is post pictures to Twitter and, far as we know, no magazine has put her on their cover or within their pages. She’s a total virgin — so to speak.

Biggest Web girl going right now: Liza Silvia Massa, aka @Liza_BLKRussian. She’s the biggest Web girl since Shay Bombshell. Who is, by the way, her cousin.

(We hear top scientists are sequencing Shay and Liza’s genomes as we speak, and are very close to pinpointing the gene for ginormous hooters. That’s what we hear, anyway.)

We expect we’ll get back to Nikki, Yaris and Sheneka, who as we said are fine candidates — we love a good babe contest so we’ll at least let you know who wins. (Go vote! Don’t be a socialist.) But it feels to us like there’s a contestant missing. They got John, Paul and George, but forgot Ringo.

And Liza, please accept our sincere apologies for that metaphor, which compared you to Ringo Starr. We were speaking figuratively.