This Just In: Liz Hurley Has Large, Perfect Breasts. Still

Elizabeth Hurley

Whoa there, Egotastic. Just hold on a minute. We were perusing one of our favorite celebrity babe news sites when we nearly choked on our coffee at this line:

Elizabeth Hurley Upskirt and Big New Boobs; Quite a Summer Splash

What? Big “new” boobs? We’ve been frantically researching this claim and can find no support for it. Believe us, we watch Liz’s chest like a hawk and her boobs have been this big for some time now. There may even be some kind of magical Dorian Gray or Benjamin Button situation going on here—Liz’s face is (gracefully) showing some signs of age, yet her chest seems to be getting younger and fuller with each passing year. It is deserving of more study, that’s for sure.

In a separate post, Egotastic’s scribe remarks that Liz is “clearly in the running for my Ridiculously Hot for 40 and Over rankings. Somewhere between Demi Moore and Kylie Minogue I think.” Not bad company, although we might sandwich Liz between Salma Hayek and Halle Berry. Now that would be a sandwich fit for a king, would it not?

Enjoy these photos, all of which were taken after Liz and her fountains of youth hit the big four-oh:

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