New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Lita Lenee2012 is almost upon us — a vast 12 months of hotness and silly babe stuff stretches ahead. What do we have to look forward to? What do we want to accomplish? What nameless girls or misunderstood beauties do we hope to bring you more of? Well, funny you ask — here is Girlwatcher’s to-do list for 2012. And by to-do we mean do in the strictly journalistic sense. You weren’t thinking we meant we were going to “do” as in — please. That would be so unprofessional.

Now on to the hot chicks! (Note the professionalism…)

1. We want to figure out who is on this TITS t-shirt. It’s been haunting us for weeks. Please, names:

TITS Christmas shirt

And this one (it is called “Carol & Cheryl” — so that’s a start):

TITS Christmas shirt 2

2. Get the word out about Marsha Howard. Who is Marsha Howard? She did a Hubba Wheels advertisement, sends out some sexy stuff on Twitter and Tumblr, but generally seems vastly underused. Here she is shotgunning beer, for example:

3. Keep flogging the cam girls. We’ve brought you Violet Doll and Gisele, and there are others. There is a lot of talent on cam these days. Current fave among the somewhat new: Lita Lenee.

Lita Lenee
Lita Lenee
Lita Lenee

4. Another round of Ellen Stagg? Another round of Stephy C? Why not both?

5. Figure out this Ashley Salazar situation. She’s naked all over the place on her website,, and wants to be in Playboy. Maybe should have been in Playboy. Maybe just needs more nakedness. We are not sure. Whatever the case, she’s welcome here on TSJ.

Ashley Salazar

6. Find the pictures Justene Jaro was taking on this day. She tweeted this candid out recently, saying she was on the set of a photo shoot. We must see the rest.
Justene Jaro