Tuesday Totty: Lindsey Strutt and Melissa Debling in White Bikinis

Lindsey Strutt and Melissa DeblingDoes one wear white after Labor Day or not? This is an age-old fashion quandary that has us in knots!

September Carrino

Sorry, typo. That last part should be “…quandary for morons!”

We’re here to tell you it’s just fine to wear white after Labor Day, especially if it’s a white bikini or lingerie and you’re a curvaceous British model. Of course, they call it “Labour Day” which is totally fucked, but what are you going to do.

These here girls are Lindsey Strutt, Melissa Debling, Anastasia Harris, Hannah May Rose (formerly Kayleigh Pearson), Leah Francis, and Staci Noblett.

(Really, all you don’t-wear-white people, you’re all wet. Emily Post says it’s ok and she has been dead for 50 years.)