Lindsay Lohan Naked All Over the Place: A Good Thing?

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is already planning her comeback (a comeback after a stretch in the slammer, if the judge in her court case is to be believed). And that comeback will be… a book of nude and explicit sexy photos?

Four years ago, this would have been the best possible news one could ever hope to read. It might have staved off that whole recession thing that seemed to coincide with LiLo’s descent into ragged self-parody.

(We hear she sent Chuck Sheen a flower arrangement.)

But now? Is Lindsay in any sort of shape to show her goods? The project is already being compared to Madonna’s Sex book, but a key difference is that Madonna was totally hot when she made hers. Lindsay is still somewhat hot, but nowhere near the sex bomb she was at 20. Of course, today’s celebrities have magic powers of getting their shit together for the camera. (Just think how horrible Jennifer Love Hewitt always looks when snapped on the beach by paparazzi.) And it’s a photo book, so the final images might not reflect actual mileage due to Photoshopping.

Whatever happens — if it happens — we will be first in line for a copy, just to see the thing. Two notes:

1. Terry Richardson is said to be shooting the pictures. Yay! Terry does hot stuff like this Supreme shoot of Vanessa Veasley and this Supreme shoot of Rosa Acosta.

2. James Franco is said to be co-starring in the project, which will include “explicit” photos. That dude is totally going to touch her boobies. We expect a full report. (Are they built for speed or comfort?)

For your reference, here are recent magazine and candid shots of LiLo looking — well, better than you might expect. Perhaps. (Thanks, Egotastic.)