81 Pictures of 13 Celebrities Pretending to be Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan Nicole Kidman Michelle WilliamsIt’s out.

The issue of Playboy magazine that we all might as well just call “The Lindsay Lohan Issue” is on newsstands right now, and the reviews are good — a lot of naysayers are admitting the embattled star pulled this one off and looks pretty damn hot. The shoot has a Marilyn Monroe theme, and this isn’t the first time a celebrity has dressed (or undressed, actually) as the 20th century’s uber-blonde to the delight of millions. In fact, it’s not even Lindsay’s first turn as Marilyn; a few years back she recreated one of Marilyn’s final shoots with Bert Stern for New York magazine.

Here are 13 famous women doing their best Marilyn impressions — who wins?