Girl on Girl: Lindsay Ann and Jessica Vaugn


Lindsay Ann is a darling, all American beauty from Ohio. This country girl may not be fresh off the farm, but she is truly the girl next door! Free spirited and sweet, we know Lindsay will make you smile!



Hometown/Where you live now:

Cleveland, Ohio, kinda wish I lived somewhere more warm though!

So you know I have to ask, how did you get into having pigs as pets?

I have no idea why, but I’ve always wanted one growing up.. weird, I know… They are the best pets (lovable, smart, and clean-surprisingly!)

You’re interested in getting into photography! How is that going? What are your goals for being on the other side of the lens?

Well I have a Canon Rebel right now that I have no idea how to use, but I think starting in 2012 when my schedule clears up a bit, I would love to attend work shops or learn from photographers that I work with frequently. My goal would be to get experience with glamour and beauty. That type of work appeals to me the most.

What is a US law you’d throw out? Why?

I hate the no drinking under 21 law. I have a lot of military friends and family members who are in Afghanistan, have been there, or going to be there. They couldn’t even enjoy a legal beer before leaving and serving our country!

Who is in your celebrity threesome? What two stars are you joining up with?

My celebrity threesome, I love Angelina and Brad! They are amazing at what they do with acting, and they care about their children.

Who is your hero?

My parents

You’re a clean freak! Have you always been that way or did that develop after some specific situation?

I think I’m an organization freak. I cannot stand clutter, and once I start – it doesn’t stop. I’ll pull everything out of the drawers, closet, everything, clean and reorganize.

What is a trait about yourself you wish you didn’t posses?

I wish I could be a little less hard headed. Sometimes I need to be told I’m wrong.

We both love Chelsea Handler and sushi! That alone makes me want to be good friends with you!

I went to Chelsea’s show when she was in town. She is hilarious and beautiful! And sushi is my life.

What is your bedroom advice for the fellas out there?

Be thoughtful

I think guys would love to take you on a date because you love funny guy movies! What makes you like them so much and list some of your faves!

I love comedy, I love to laugh. Super Bad, The Hangover, etc.

The best part of living in Ohio is…

You get all four seasons, and I have good reasons to travel also.

What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Worst date would have to be back during my senior year of high school, this guy took me out, he got pretty drunk, and was driving me home. When we pulled into my neighborhood he was crying the whole way back telling me how much he liked me and about his hard life. Oh my god, he passed my house several times and even parked on the street. I wanted to shoot myself.

Links to stalk you later?