Lil’ Jon Rocks the Playboy Beach House in Malibu

As if we needed another reminder that winter is in full effect throughout most of the country, this week proved to be particularly heinous on the weather front for the citizens of the Midwest. Record snowfalls and cold temps abounded all over the damn place, especially in Minneapolis, where things got so out of hand the roof of the damn Metrodome collapsed. That meant the Vikings vs. Giants game had to be rescheduled for Monday night in Detroit. You know what’s fun about Detroit? Leaving, that’s what.

So it’s with mixed emotions that we present this video from Playboy’s Malibu Beach House. While most of the TSJ staff is bundled up in the Chicago headquarters longing for the days of 100% humidity and sunburns, the Beach House is sunny and rocking as always.

In this latest Beach House video dispatch, one of our favorite Twitter friends of all-time, Lil’ Jon, tears down the stage while surrounded by scores of scantily clad ladies. Sounds like our kind of party, we’re assuming our invite just got lost in the mail or something?