Show Us Your Tweets, Leola Bell

Leola Bell

We don’t take a lot of credit around here (no, not us…) but every once in awhile we do have to admit we saw something coming before you did — and Leola Bell is one of those things. Leola was doing some Playboy Golf stuff, she had tested for Special Editions or Cyber Club, she was competing (rather poorly) for Playboy Miss Social — and we just had to reach out.

“Leola,” we said, “you’re a Playmate.”

She said no, she dreamed of being one, sure, but she was not a Playmate.

“No, Leola, you’re a Playmate. You’re not a Playmate yet, but you will be a Playmate.”

And she did. She became Miss February 2012. She’ll be back in the pages of the magazine in its next issue, the Playmate Review — and then? Playmate of the year?

Is Leola Bell going to be Playmate of the Year 2013?

Hey, we’re good, but we’re not that good. She is deserving, sure, but it is far, far out of our hands. In the meantime she will continue to tweet some of the hottest pictures on Twitter from @LeolaBell.

(She will also continue to heal from a recent car accident, and celebrate a birthday on December 20 — so we wish her the best.)

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