New Leanna Decker Pictures — We Know You Want Them

Leanna Decker

Leanna Decker, the Cyber Girl of the Year 2012 is back with some new shots by master lensman Jose Luis.

Everybody get excited!

Leanna Decker is one of the most popular babes we have featured here on The Smoking Jacket — we know because we can see what you search for. That’s right, we see that shit. You search for weird stuff, and we know it. And some of you are very sick puppies.

But we’re not here to harangue the sick puppies. No, we’re here to admire girls like Leanna Decker — that angelic face! Those fiery locks! Those sweater puppies!

Got it? Sweater puppies YES. Sick puppies NO.

Ah, who are we kidding — even though you’re all a little sick, we’re still happy to have you on our site ogling Leanna. Just, you know, please behave.

Follow Leanna on Twitter @leanna_decker and visit photographer Jose Luis at

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