Leanna Decker Displays her Prodigious Talents

Leanna Decker

You can do worse for a nickname than “The Prodigy.” Savants, tiny children playing violins, prepubescents taking calculus… These are all things that come to mind when we think of prodigies.

And then there’s Leanna Decker. Leanna “The Prodigy” Decker. A girl so exquisitely put together, with a smile like a lazy day on the lake and a piercing stare like a stalking puma. Genetically predisposed to wear Daisy Dukes with a bikini top, flip her hair just so, with minute drive-you-wild precision, and laugh at all your stupid jokes.

Some things you can’t teach. She is The Prodigy. (She is also Cyber Girl if the Year 2012, which seems about right to us.)

These are her latest shots for TeenyB Bikini Couture, by master snapper Jose Luis. Follow Leanna on Twitter @Leanna_Decker to stay abreast of The Prodigy’s new adventures in swimwear, lingerie, and less.

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