Larger than Life

Sheyla Hersey

We were saddened to learn that Sheyla Hershey is unwell—a recent surgery on one of her massive breast implants has caused a nasty staph infection, and she may now have to have one or both of her implants removed. Freakshow boobs don’t necessarily appeal to us (if that’s your bag, far be it from us to judge), but Sheyla’s saga tugs at not just the bra straps but the heart strings, as well.

A couple of years ago, much ado was made over the news that she was getting her chest enlarged beyond the legal U.S. limit. In the face of mass criticism, Sheyla stated simply that it was her dream to be as large as possible. And now that dream looks to die.

But it brings up a point we’ve noticed before—that journalists go so gaga over any story involving boobs that they don’t bother to do the rigorous research (we hope) they practice on less juicy stories. Sheyla is reported, often as not, to have the world’s largest breasts. Really? 38KKK the world’s largest? Hardly. Let us set it straight.

Florida stripper Maxi Mounds has the world’s largest augmented breasts, according to Guinness. That’s according to Guinness—Maxi contacted the record-keepers herself. They invented the category and awarded her the title. But Chelsea Charms has a chest that is most likely bigger, although for whatever reason she has not had herself certified by Guinness. (Chelsea claims a 153XXX chest, but when you get past a certain point the measurements are fanciful at best—a woman cannot order an MM-cup bra, much less an XXX, from Victoria’s Secret.)

Check the photo at the bottom of this blog post; Chelsea is clearly packing much more heat than Maxi. Incidentally, the largest natural breasts in the world belong to a woman named Norma Stitz (say it out loud), who claims a 120XXX-cup.

Here’s a decent video from the folks at Spike—they omit Chelsea and Norma, but there’s plenty of footage of Maxi on the job.

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