100 Pictures of Lara Stone, Today’s Super-est Supermodel

Lara StoneHottest model in the world?

I don’t mean who is the hottest as in sexiest — I mean, who is the model that every fashion magazine wants on its cover and every designer wants in his/her clothing. The answer is: Dutch babe Lara Stone.

You can be forgiven if your response is “Who the hell is Lara Stone?” This is a fashion model, after all, she appears in ladies’ magazines wearing really expensive clothes. She also appears in arty magazines wearing nothing at all. (Here’s how you find those pictures.)

British GQ has her in its current issue, billed as “this year’s undisputed superstar supermodel.” The website Fashionising.com says she’s “the industry’s go-to girl for eye catching photoshoots that play to the blurring of nudity and fashion” and “the Brigitte Bardot of our era.” She’s been ranked the #1 model in the world at models.com since February 2010.

Known for her gap-toothed smile (well, not that she smiles), curvy figure and frequent nudity (full-frontal not a problem), Lara is the kind of girl you should know about even if you don’t give a crap about women’s clothing. Because she is all too happy to dispense with it upon request. The one bummer here is she’s married to David Walliams of British comedy duo Little Britain. I’m not gonna knock a guy for punching above his weight, we should all be so lucky — but it’s certainly a Billy Joel-Christie Brinkley, Rick Ocasek-Paulina Porizkova type situation.

Did we mention the nudity thing?