British TV Viewers Are Done with This Girl. WTF, British TV Viewers?

Lacey Banghard

You idiots! You utter fools! How could you do such a thing?

That’s right, English television viewers, we’re talking to you.

Last night, on the mega-popular TV show Celebrity Big Brother, model Lacey Banghard became the third housemate to be voted out. For a country that is obsessed with topless models, this is just absurd. How could they do this?

Perhaps we should not be surprised — back in the fall, viewers had no love for Rhian Sugden and Danica Thrall, which was unacceptable, and in previous seasons Danielle Lloyd and Lucy Pinder had been given the boot.

And yet Sophie Reade won Big Brother (non-celebrity edition) in 2010.

What is this, Celebrity Big Brother Wikipedia? Back to the news of the day — Lacey Banghard is out. How is this possible?

From the buzz we picked up on Twitter, Lacey was marked for elimination and needed to save herself, and made the brilliant play of “mistakenly” walking out of the shower totally nude. And yet somehow this gambit failed.

(Maybe the show skews female — maybe the women watching were not charmed by Lacey’s charms. Well here’s an idea — maybe more men would tune in if you didn’t keep voting the half naked babes off the bloody show!)

You know who really didn’t like this trick? Heidi Montag, that’s who. She and Spencer are in the Big Brother house, and Heidi got all miffed at Lacey for nearly showing her goods to Spencer…

“That is super inappropriate!” said Heidi. Really? You’re super inappropriate, Heidi Montag.

Maybe it’s not worth winning. When Heidi Montag is the ethical compass of the show, maybe you’re better off getting out early and getting back to the business of being super sexy. Which we imagine Lacey is doing right… about… now.

Enjoy some photos of Lacey doing what she does best — she is, after all, a past winner of Page 3 Idol, they can’t take that away from her — plus a few shots of the televised awesomeness that British viewers decided they didn’t want.

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