Meet the Lovely Kylie Johnson

Kylie Johnson

If you keep up with your Playmate history, then you’re already familiar with Playboy’s Miss February 2011, Kylie Johnson. If TSJ has so far been your only dalliance with “The Brand,” that likely means…

  1. We should probably ask for a government issued identification from you at some point.
  2. This could possibly be the first time you’ve seen Kylie Johnson (but maybe not).
  3. Maybe you saw her briefly in this Playboy Morning Show post and just don’t remember.

Whatever the case, it’s pretty much a given that none of this matters. You see that picture up there, right? This is no time to be reading our witty remarks.

Without further delay, check out Kylie Johnson for the first time ever on The Smoking Jacket…

Thanks go out to Barry Smith for the photos. Find him on twitter @barrysphoto or visit