Ksusha, a Model from Siberia, Meets Hef IRL

Ksusha Belousova escaped her native Siberia and landed herself a new life as a sexy model in balmy Washington, D.C.

Ksusha says, on her Model Mayhem profile that she is, “an experienced model who loves camera and camera loves me.”

And you know, after a lot of deliberation over here at The Smoking Jacket offices, we’ll have to cast our vote — we <3 you, Ksusha, however you say your name.

Ksusha wants us to know how she feels about her good looks. She says, ”I feel beautiful and glamorous all day and night. I also recognize that I am as imperfect as anybody, and that there are always improvements to be made. Beauty requires work, sweat, devotion, humility and gratitude.”

We are grateful to you for your hard work, Ksusha.

Ksusha says: “I am very easy going person. I love to travel and have fun during shoots but like to keep it professional. I take my work very seriously. Thank you and take care ;)

No you hang up!

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