A Hot Girl Took This Picture. Friday Fotos by Krystle Lina

Kristen DeLuca by Krystle Lina
Get this straight: That girl, above, is not Krystle Lina. Krystle Lina looks like this:

Krystle Lina
Krystle Lina
Krystle Lina

Not bad, right? She’s been a model for some time but has recently been getting behind the camera and shooting her own pictures of some hot babes. A hot babe who shoots hot babes; that so… hot. Here she tells us a bit about her new artistic adventures. “How can I shoot T&A and still be classy?” she asks.

First of all — what’s your background as a model? Where would we have seen pictures of you?

I’ve been a model for 5 years now, and I’ve been featured by some of mens most popular magazines and websites, including Playboy, AskMen, & my favorite — The Smoking Jacket!

As a photographer, when you’re looking for a model to shoot, what attributes do you look at first?

I love hot girls, if she has a pretty face, I am all about it. If she has a pretty face and a great body, I’m even more excited.

What is your favorite physical feature of a woman’s body, and why?

My favorite physical feature of a woman’s body is her face, I love eyes, lips, bone structure, all of it.

Do you shoot nudes?

I haven’t shot nudes yet, but I’m not opposed to it.

What are the advantages of shooting a nude woman? Is there something you can say with nudity that you can’t if she’s covering up?

I like nudity, obviously — I wouldn’t have wanted to pose for Playboy if I was anti, but I think it really depends on the model, sometimes women do better in pictures with their clothes off because it’s a real sense of empowerment.

On the other hand, is there something to be said for covering up, the art of the

There are plenty of women who prefer to stay covered up — I really feel that it depends on the girl, the look that the photographer is going for and the scenery. Sometimes you really should just be naked, but other times, I prefer to see a woman, or even myself, in a simple pair of tight jeans and a sexy tank top.

How would you describe what you’re looking for from behind the camera — are you shooting what a woman would find beautiful, or a what a man would find sexy? Or would you put it some other way?

I’m glad that you asked because I specialize in sexy! When I’m working behind the camera, and I’m taking pictures of a beautiful woman I’m thinking about everything. Most male photographers are just looking at tits and ass, but I’m looking at her body and her face. I am thinking, what is her most flattering angle? Would I want to see myself this way? What do the guys want to see? How can I incorporate T&A and still be classy?

Do women innately find images of other women sexy? Or have they been conditioned to view them that way?

I can’t speak for other women, but I love looking at pictures of other beautiful women. I love beauty and sexy appeal.

Do you have any advantages as a woman over a male photographer — in terms of making a model comfortable, knowing how she is feeling or what she might be self-conscious about?

Yes! I’ve shot with a ton of amazing male photographers and sometimes they aren’t the best at communicating what they want me to do. I generally just do what I am feeling at the moment anyway, but it’s nice when I’m photographing a beautiful girl that if I have an idea of something I would like to see her doing, I can not only tell her but I can show her as well. It’s great being a model and a photographer, most of the women I photograph love that about me too, they say it makes them feel more comfortable shooting with me because I know what it’s like being on their end.

What’s the sexiest shot you’ve ever done, and why do you like it?

I got one of my good friends, who is also a former Playboy Model, wet on the beach with a white button up shirt — and no bra! I was so into the shoot that I actually got all wet too. Literally, I got drenched by the ocean.

You’re good at capturing and highlighting what men want to see — what we in the industry call boobs, butts, cleavage — do you think your background in nude modeling gives you a better eye for that sort of thing?

Definitely! I think that because I’ve worked with some of LA’s hottest photographers, I’ve had a lot of experience with seeing pictures of myself in a way that I know men love. That helps me when I’m capturing beautiful shots of a woman, I’m able to get shots that I know a man will love but also get the most flattering angles I know the woman wants to see herself in as well.

Do you have a thing for women with curves?

I love curves, there is nothing sexier than the hourglass figure to me. But I really have a thing for a sexy straight figure with small perky breasts as well. It really just depends on the woman.

In some of your shoots you’ve gotten your girls a bit dirty — what do you like about working with mud or grease or fake blood?

It’s just a turn on to me. Call me kinky, but I just like that stuff!

Who are your favorite models to shoot, and what do you like about them?

My favorite model is Kristen DeLuca, maybe I’m a little biased because she’s one of my best
friends but she’s also an amazing model. She’s been featured in Playboy, American Curves and has a huge list of credits on IMDB, so keep your eyes out for her because she’s up and coming in Hollywood.

Who would be your dream models to shoot?

Megan Fox and Brooklyn Decker!

Would you ever want to shoot a Playboy Playmate pictorial and centerfold? If so what would you bring to the shoot to make it extra-sexy?

Yes, I would love to shoot Playboy pictorials. I really feel that my personality when I shoot makes the environment for the models fun and relaxing, so I think that I could probably get some great shots that Playboy and Playboy readers would enjoy looking at.

Creepy question alert—what do you wear when you’re shooting? As the photographer do you try to keep the sexy mood going, or are you sweats-and-baseball-cap behind the camera?

I like to look sexy no matter what I’m doing, so even if I’m working behind the camera, I’m still dolled up. So yes, I love to be sexy while I’m shooting sexy.

What recent work have you done?

I do product shoots for clothing companies, I have also worked with a few celebrity clients that I’m proud of.

What current or future projects are you excited about?

I have some new clients that are waiting to work with me, I am very excited about what’s to come. I don’t really like to talk too much about what I have coming up, because I’m a little superstitious and I don’t like to jinx things. But you can keep up with all my new work through Twitter (twitter.com/KrystleLina) & my website (www.KrystleLina.com).