Krystle Lina Likes to Take Pictures in Abandoned Houses

Krystle Lina loves to be the center of your attention as much as she likes to work behind the scenes. Not only does the California girl show off her assets for and Maxim, but she also likes to get behind the camera and  snap pics for Playboy Radio, and she’s also done a bunch of celeb interviews. Today, for TSJ purposes, we’re featuring her all front-and-center-like.

The Smoking Jacket:  What have been your favorite shoots to take?

Krystle Lina: As a photographer, my favorite places to shoot have been abandoned houses, roadsides, or the middle of nowhere. I’m really adventurous and I think it’s fun to get a girl half naked and put her in random places. :) Shooting for Playboy Radio/TV for the Playboy Morning show is always a great time!

TSJ: What have been your more memorable modeling moments?

KL: My favorite place that I’ve shot in as a model was Playboy Studio West (for my Cyber Girl spread). Another of my most memorable photo shoots was for DCMA with Joel and Benji Madden, by one of my favorite photographers and artist Tyler Clinton.

TSJ: What do you love about working with Playboy Radio?

KL: I love that I can just be myself and have a good time. Everyone there is so awesome. :)

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Twitter: @KrystleLina