Krystle Lina, Eva Marie & Sydney Barlette: 3 Girls, 1 Lens

Krystle Lina Eva Marie Sydney BarletteI’m all about encouraging creativity and spotlighting talent. I want artists to go forth with their art and do dazzling things for all the world to see. If some foxy young lingerie model wants to be the next Suze Randall or Bunny Yeager, then I want to be the rain that moistens her soil, quenches her thirsty roots, and grows her buds to beautiful flowering.

Wait, that came out weird. What I mean is, if there is a hot babe out there taking pictures of another hot babe, I’m all for it. You had me at “hot babe.” The first one.

I’ve brought you Krystle Lina before, who has done a bunch of modeling with Playboy and is now taking pictures of Playboy models. You do remember what Krystle looks like, don’t you? Well this entire post is shit if you don’t, so we’ll go over this one more time. This is your photographer:

Krystle Lina

Got it? Maybe another picture would help? Ok, this is your photographer:

Krystle Lina

Still not totally clear on this? Ok, try it Yoda style. Your photographer this is:

Krystle Lina

And now let’s see if we’ve made any progress. I hesitate to ask, but here goes.

Is this your photographer?:

Krystle Lina

Yes it is. And she has taken photos of two Playboy models she would like you to see. The blonde is Sydney Barlette (a Coed of the Month and Book of Lingerie regular); the brunette is Eva Marie (a Playboy Radio Radio Mate). Enjoy.