Kristen DeLuca and Krystle Lina Are the Best. Besties. Ever.

Kristen DeLuca and Krystle LinaDo birds of a feather flock together? Hell if we know — we’re not ornithologists. Well not in the literal sense. But we do look at a lot of sexy babes and we can verify that sexy babes tend to have friends who are also sexy babes.

We were minding our own business on Facebook the other day when Krystle Lina put up some pictures of herself with her best friend Kristen DeLuca (one such photo is above) and it occurred to us — of all the best-friend duos out there, might these two be the best of all? Both have modeled for Playboy. Krystle is pursuing a photography career and Kristen is an actress, but one thing is for sure — when they walk down the streets of Los Angeles together, people notice. Grown men stare, and then cry a little. Women shoot them the stink eye. Infants think it’s lunchtime. They’re just so… hot. And they are best friends.

They share a type of sisterly love that you can’t put a pricetag on, and if you choose to believe that any such relationship between sexy ladies has undercurrents of lipstick lesbianism — hey, that’s your thing. We’re not saying that’s the case. We’re just saying you may have those thoughts and it doesn’t make you a bad person or anything.

Here are some personal snaps Krystle Lina sent us (as well as some fairly old videos) and we’re really at a loss to say we can recall two hotter birds flocking together. Best besties ever? Could be.

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