Wednesday Wasabi: Kirara Asuka

Kirara Asuka

Kirara Asuka won the Best Actress award at the 2009 AV Awards in Tokyo. According to the Tokyo Reporter, her debut film (Miracle Bust) had come out just over a year earlier. What a success story! Her oeuvre includes Sexual Harassment Sports Parfait, Jiggly Ass Toy Kirara and the ominous Kirara as Menacing Technique Soap Professional. And what may be the longest title we’ve ever seen for a JAV film:

After the Shoot…!? Kirara Asuka Very Outrageous in Private!! Calling On Earnest Friends, Bubbly Mood While On a Celeb Vacation!!!

Sounds like fun. By the way, in case you didn’t read the article about her AV Award win, let us draw your attention to the penultimate paragraph:

“Just before the ceremony concluded with the usual panty-toss to the audience by the participating girls, last year’s Best Actress recipient, Rio, took the stage to offer some words of encouragement to the new AV queen.”

That’s right, at the end of the show all the famous sex ladies get up on stage and throw their gently-worn panties into the crowd. Viva Japan.